Wide Earth Smallholding

Wide Earth Smallholding

And Allaah has made for you the earth a wide expanse.(Qur'aan- 71:19)

Welcome to Wide Earth

It’s been a time of new beginnings for our family- starting a new life here in America after ten years in Yemen, trying out some new things in homeschooling the children, relearning how to drive, starting a garden, and so many others.

This is our last home in Yemen, seen at sunrise.

One of our new beginnings is this blog. In it we hope to share information, as well as our knowledge and experiences in healthy, sustainable living. We hope to make this a resource for others who are seeking to live simply and mindfully, and who want to work towards such goals as growing their own food, eating in a more healthy manner, building community, using alternative energy and growing methods, and becoming as self-sufficient as possible.

We welcome beneficial comments and ideas, and hope that you will join us in our journey, and share your knowledge and experience with us as well.


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  1. What fun to have a poettree! In fact why not several to accomodate more leaves? HAPPY SPRIING EQUINOX, FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! I was one married to an Iranian, so Happy Iranian New Year, too.

    More commentary here . . . if you choose to live in a form of poverty, it also means that you could also choose to not live in it one day. If it is not a choice, but the way you have to live, there is no choice to the decision, especially is so may other countries where they never have choices for much of anything.

    I still plan to get a box of fabrics for ready for you, just a matter of getting into gear to actually do that.

    What kind of work is your husband looking for? I’ll [ray he finds something and soon. How is your oldest son doing in Yemen with his family these days? Also praying for them.

    We’re still having our own bit of winter . . . pretty cold!!!! but later on today, it will be sunny and a little bit warm.

    Take good care and enjoy life, too!!!!

    sarai \ frosty

    1. Hi Sarai, so good to “see” you again! Thank you so much for your comments and insights, they are always appreciated. My husband is looking for work in computers- he can do anything computer, alhamdulillah. Mujaahid and his family are doing fine- I talked to him right before I took my driver’s test last week, mash’Allaah, it was so good to hear from him, and talk to little Suhayb. A box of fabrics would be MUCH appreciated, with all the hands we have to keep busy, thank you for thinking of us. The weather here is warming up- we actually have been enjoying the coolness after two years of extreme heat! Again, so good to hear from you, Sarai.

  2. MashaAllah now this is a neat, new idea!!! We have so much “recyclables” left to make it from our other projects to do it InshaAllah. This reminds me of the “Islamic Learning” tree we have. When I became Muslim, 3 years ago AlHamdulillah; my daughter wanted to as well mashaAllah (thankfully because I was going to teach her anyhow 😉 heheh)

    As I was learning (usually right alongside with her) we started scrap-booking some of the stuff and last year when I was still a “newlywed” the bearded one gave me the idea of making a ‘growing tree’. It’s much like your tree except the leaves have ayat she’s learned, some basics and it’s “dust” is the dua (prayer) Rabbi zidni ‘ilma in Arabic, English (Oh my Lord increase me in knowledge) and Spanish “Oh mi Señor aumentame en conocimiento)

    I love your poetree!!!

    May Allah reward and protect you and your family ameen

    1. What a lovely idea!
      And keep using your Spanish (a little bit anyway!) on me once in awhile- I actually studied Spanish first, for three years in high school and two in college. Very very dusty, mash’Allaah, but once in awhile Spanish will pop into my brain instead of Arabic!
      Your idea has my brain working now, as well. Something like this would be a lot of fun for the little ones. Maybe each leaf a letter, or a du’a, and they can pick one every day to learn. Then it can be put back and will be there to review.

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