Wide Earth Smallholding

Wide Earth Smallholding

And Allaah has made for you the earth a wide expanse.(Qur'aan- 71:19)

January Babies

by Nusaybah

This post was written by my sixteen year old daughter, Nusaybah. She is the primary caretaker of the goats, and has a way with all animals that is pretty special. Here is her take on the first birthings on the homestead this year!

We had expected Sundew to deliver her babies soon, however, that evening when I was feeding the goats I noticed that Rosie’s udder had filled. I stayed out a little longer that night just so i could observe the expectant mamas. After a while, i determined that Rosie was not going to go into labor that night, But I thought she might in the early morning hours.

Typically a goat’s labor lasts at a minimum one hour, maximum, two hours, not counting delivering the afterbirth. You cant really tell until they are actually on the way. That night, I had a dream that Sundew and Rosie had both had their babies. So around six I got up and, armed with a flashlight, went out to check on the goats. I had transferred the dogs to the second pen  that night too, so they would not be in the same pen with the laboring mothers. When I got to the goat pen, the goats were just standing around, chewing their cud. When I looked out my window a little later, though, I noticed Rosie was in the goat house. I knew She had yet to deliver  because the kids had already let out the chickens and had been checking to see if the goats were having their babies for at least a week.

Later, I went outside to feed the goats and let them out of their pens. Rosie didn’t join the other goats at the feeder so I went in the house to check on her. Her water had just broken, but she wasn’t in any visible sign of labor. So I set down some feed for her in the house, and went inside and did  the dishes. Shortly after that, the little boy that we babysit for came at 9:30. I took him outside to play, and my little sister Asmaa came too. At around ten I asked Asmaa to take him inside and watch him and i would give her $5 dollars. I told her it might take awhile, but since ummi was gone, I wanted to make sure I was there during labor in case there were any problems.

When i reached the goat house she was already lying down. When the baby started emerging I quickly checked to make sure it wasn’t breech, Thankfully, the first thing I saw were tho tiny hooves and then a little nose. I breathed a sigh of relief. When the baby arrived, at exactly 10:33, I cleared its airway of any mucus, and wiped its umbilical cord with iodine. It was a buckling and had the most beautiful grey markings. I moved him over onto a clean towel by his mother so she could easily reach him while still lying down.  After a little while she started pushing again. I saw a head and one bent front leg. After a while, she stopped and started licking the first baby. I was a little worried because she stood up and started moving around, so i convinced her to lie back down. I assisted her a little during delivery.  The second was born by 11:58, and I did the same thing as I did with the first. He was a boy too, and looked just like his father, except for a silvery patch of hair in the middle of his back. 

Meanwhile, while i was working on Rosie and the 2nd little boy, the 1st was trying to climb all over me, while learning to walk.  I moved Rosie and her kids to another part of the goat house while I cleaned up. I had put all my paper towels in a garbage bag as I went along so it wasn’t hard. I got a whole lot of  hay and filled their feeders,
as well as put fresh hay in the house. After making sure the babies were nursing fine, I headed inside.

Rosie and her babies
Rosie and her babies

The next evening, i noticed that Sundew’s udder had filled. The next morning, I shuttled Rosie and her baby boys to the second pen and placed Sundew and her sister Sweetpea in the first with lots of hay and food. At around 11:00 The kids came flying in shouting, “Sundew’s having her babies, come quick!” As it turned out, Sundew had already had her babies, two bucklings, and was perfectly fine. Maybe she just needed Rosie to have her babies first so
her kids could have cousins to play with,  I dont know.  However I am very happy that all the babies were healthy and big, and that the mamas are feeling better already.

As for the boys, they’re probably bouncing around and trying to climb on top of everything.

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