Wide Earth Smallholding

Wide Earth Smallholding

And Allaah has made for you the earth a wide expanse.(Qur'aan- 71:19)

Garden Update: Lost Post

Ack…my garden update post was lost after someone hacked our site, mash’Allaah, before we had backed it up. Basically, it was an update on our garden trials and tribulations. Some things, great, other things, such as our sweet and hot peppers, not so great. Still, keeping up with the Urban Farm Handbook Challenge!

Rather than try and rewrite it all from scratch, here are some garden pictures:

Our happy pea plants on the trellis we built


Purple Bush Beans Looking Good


Yellow Pear Tomatoes


Matt's Wild Cherry and a Friend
Yellow Crookneck Squash


Chocolate and Peppermint- yes, we know they'll mix up together...
To Gladden the Heart!
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  1. Salam Alaykoem,

    This sounds like a nice story but I think you should consider doing something about the garbage problem like putting up a sign so people don’t leave garbage there. It is a health hazard and can bring rodents and pests…

    1. Wa Aleikum Assalam wa Rahmatullah
      I am guessing you have never lived in a Yemeni village, mash’Allaah. They do burn the garbage periodically, alhamdulillah, (releasing toxins into the air from the plastics and such) and many villages have some sort of garbage pickup, but you have to remember it is a third world country, mash’Allaah. There is also a difficulty in the fact that the people until relatively recently did not have garbage that wouldn’t “go away” like vegetable scraps and such. So now they have disposable diapers, plastic bags, etc, and many people try to dispose of them in the way they traditionally disposed of their waste. The issue of course is, that it does not decompose like the organic compounds. It would also have been bad manners for me, a foreigner, to post such a sign in a public area, mash’Allaah. They would see this as very arrogant. It is always best to not make such broad statements until you have researched and understand the situation, mash’Allaah, especially if you do not have a cultural and geographical understanding of it.

  2. My daughters are pack rats because they see the potential and possibilities for creative use in just about everything, maashaa Allah. The fact that my 7 year old is wearing a size 3T cardigan today, is planning to sew up the holes in her 4 year old socks even though she has ones that are fine and fit her, and there is rarely a box, carton, or bottle that they don’t try to keep for their “projects,” shows just how far they take it.

    I am near neurotic struggling between wanting them to be like that and having piles of junk, oops sorry, “treasure” in their room and around the house driving me nuts. For this reason, I dream of a world with minimal packaging made of naturally derived materials that can be composted. Then all those potential dolly beds (fruit and vegetable crates) will no longer cause an ethical dilemma in our household. In the meantime, I say al hamdul’Illah for the good in it and seek patience and practicality in managing it!

    1. You and me both, Mai. It was amazing though- Hudhaifah has a sort of hunter gatherer mentality. He is always seeing things when we are out walking and popping them in his pockets. Anyone else would think they were junk, but he comes up with the most amazing things with them! A couple of Eids ago, he made a working reading lamp out of “stuff” he had picked up around Shihr! But, I am a minimalist, it is hard for me to deal with the chaos caused by the collectors in my family, LOL!

      1. Maashaa Allah, if they come up with brilliant things like reading lamps, then I guess it’s worth putting up with the collecting…to an extent! Barak Allahu feehu, Hudhaifah is a star maashaa Allah!

        1. I guess so LOL!! Mash’Allaah. One of the brothers that Hudhaifah has worked for here says he gets that “mad scientist” look in his eyes, and then look out, you don’t know what he will come up with!

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